Subversive Jewlery: Chanel Iman and Justin Giunta in Conversation

Justin Giunta is an energetic, eclectic designer whose work can give any aspiring professional jewelry designer or hobbyist (like myself) an idea of how free and unconventional design can work.  His primary line is Subversive Jewelry but he also serves as design director of jewelry at Tory Burch and in 2008 released a diffusion line for Target.  Justin Giunta, has an impressive pedigree as a designer and  a full designer profile is a must-do post for the future. But for now the sumptuous visuals shall be the focus of this post in order to inspire, unencumbered of preconception.

This is, in a sense, a follow-up of my previous post on inspiration in jewelry design from established designers like Elian Fatal.  Mr. Giunta’s “‘happened-to-form” design style lends itself very easily  to the concept of repurposed or upcycled jewelry, a topic in the aforementioned Elian Fatal post.  So what inspires, motivates Giunta?  Scroll further down ( the “Read the rest of this entry link” ) to see model and muse Chanel Iman’s interview with the designer.

But first, inspire yourself either as a maker or wearer of  jewelry: Galleries for your viewing pleasure.

From Subversive Jewelry Collection & Subversive for Target, 2008



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