Brynn Hudson Silver Jewelry

I will be the first to say that have too many hobbies. Not enough time to pursue my avocations because, as most of us, I am busy with my vocation(s) in order to pay the bills. One of my more recent interests is making silver jewelry and I admire those creative and talented enough to make a living producing beautiful jewelry. One of those talented jewelry-makers is Brynn Hudson.


The author at Fashionindie describes her work as “Juxtaposing curvilinear movement with contrasting industrial and organic silver elements” and infusing an “Art Nouveau sensibility” using “simple construction and bold statements”.

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 Brynn Hudson silver necklace

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Brynn Hudson silver necklace

Swarovski crystals, beads and texture are added to the silver pieces for great effect. These beautiful  affordable pieces are as low as $50 (and upwards to about $650) are a wonderful aesthetic to add to anyone’s jewelry collection.


Brynn Hudson silver jewelry

sterling silver necklace

Brynn Hudson sterling silver jewelry

pictures: Lyra Mag, FashionTribune

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