Darby Scott Jewelry – Bold, Elegant

Designer and entrepreneur Darby Scott has crafted jewelry that is dramatic, bold yet elegant and is so on trend with statement jewelry for the Spring 2009  season.   Darby Scott has culled raw materials from across the globe to add the splash of color,  dazzle or warmth to the  chunky bold pieces.  The  statement necklaces feature “constellations of semi-precious stones and minerals from India, Asia, South America and Africa.”

Dressed up or semi-casual the versatile jewelry is also versatile in fitting a range of budgets. The Dark Amber Bib Necklace Set with  “petals of luminous dark colored faux amber” would be a treasured piece at $450 or you could splurge on the Malachite Dramatic Bib Necklace at $8,800. (See the picture gallery below for these and other necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets)

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Her collections are  available online and at Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman at locations in the U.S. and at other  stores in Canada and Japan.

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